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Mauritius to be the Hub in Sino-African Relations

On the celebratory occasion of the Spring Festival last Wednesday, Ambassador Zhu Liying hosted a reception to mark the onset of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Addressing the attendees, he spoke about the deep significance of this traditional celebration and its role in fostering global unity. “The Chinese Lunar New Year has, throughout history, remained the most significant traditional celebration for Chinese people all over the globe,” Ambassador Zhu Liying said. “It is a sacred occasion to share a family meal and welcome the first day of the New Year with best wishes.

In the context of China’s progress, Ambassador Zhu Liying referred to the nation as the head of the dragon. China continues to contribute significantly to global growth, accounting for over 30% of it. With a GDP growth of 5.2% last year and favorable forecasts from global institutions, China stands as a beacon of confidence in an uncertain world. China also advocates for a fair and balanced multipolar world and inclusive globalization, offering more opportunities for cooperation and peace. In this Year of the Dragon, the country will host the next Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) summit to further promote the Sino-African partnership based on mutual respect, mutual advantage, and shared development. Mauritius, with its favorable conditions for exchanges between China and Africa, stands to benefit from this partnership. The nation’s Free Trade Agreement and financial facilities have paved the way for enhanced bilateral relations and a promising partnership with Africa. “The year started well with the exchange of ministerial visits, from the Mauritian financial service and the promotion of international trade on the Chinese side. Both sides agree to enhance Mauritius’s role as a hub in Sino-African relations,” Ambassador Zhu Liying said.

In Mauritius, the Chinese New Year is celebrated with much fanfare, especially by the Sino-Mauritian community. It’s a unique public holiday in Africa, a testament to the inclusivity and rich diversity of Mauritian culture. Ambassador Zhu Liying highlighted how Chinese traditions harmoniously integrate into Mauritian society, contributing to its multi-cultural fabric. In a significant development, the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution in late December to make the Chinese New Year a UN holiday. This recognition further emphasizes the global impact and acceptance of Chinese cultural traditions.


As we usher in the Year of the Dragon, it’s important to understand the symbolism behind this legendary creature. The dragon, in Chinese mythology, symbolizes good fortune and is viewed as noble, powerful, intelligent, brave, and a protector of the nation. Today, the spirit of the dragon represents the hard work and intelligence needed to accomplish challenging tasks.


Ambassador Zhu Liying emphasized the cultural essence of the Chinese New Year celebrations. The first day of this Year of the Dragon, February 10th, will witness a grand gala evening at the J&J Auditorium with Chinese artists specially invited from China. This event marks a grand premiere post-Covid! Additionally, various cultural events organized by Sino-Mauritian associations, schools, and businesses will take place throughout the country, making the Chinese New Year a true cross-cultural celebration in Mauritius.

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