About Bizweek

Founded in 2014, BIZweek is the first free digital weekly covering economic and financial news in Mauritius. In a spirit of innovation, the editorial team initially distributed its PDF editions – with a look and feel similar to that of a print newspaper – through a mass mailing system every week.

Due to the growing demand for BIZweek editions, the management decided to take another step in 2016 with the creation of its website, aiming to be different from traditional sites.

In addition to a more regular presence with readers on other days of the week through updates on economic and financial news, BIZweek’s main event remains its Friday edition. Readers can click on ‘The latest publication’ and flip through the pages of the online weekly, which maintains the look and feel of the print newspaper.

To meet subscriber expectations, videos are also available.

The BIZweek team consists of experienced professionals in the field of media. Having given birth to several publications in Mauritius since 2001, they have been approached several times by regional organizations for special editions.

Email: [email protected]

Rudy Veeramundar

[email protected]

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