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“South Africa is losing the Business-Hub-of-Africa title to Mauritius”

The first API event in Mauritius, in 2023, highlighted opportunities and growth in the real estate market. In a statement to BIZWEEK, Murray Anderson-Ogle, GM Marketing and Commercial at API Events, emphasized the significance of the first-ever API conference held in Mauritius. The event showcased the abundance of investments and opportunities in both Mauritius and the greater African region. With nine events across Africa and international speakers from ten countries, the API conference brought attention to critical topics such as public policy, land, alternative assets, healthcare, old age homes, green financing, and green funding.

The resounding message from the conference was that Mauritius is open for business, and the rest of the world recognizes it’s potential. Despite the complexities and slowed growth in global markets, there is a noticeable increase in activity throughout the continent. Mauritius, known for its leadership in Africa, has become the business hub of the region due to its pro-investment policies and investor-friendly relationships.

I believe that there’s the right spirit, and Mauritius has always led from the front in Africa. I think that’s why Mauritius has become the business hub of Africa. I’m from South Africa, and I think we’re losing that title to Mauritius,” Murray Anderson-Ogle stated. “Mauritius is leading the way with its policies and investor-friendly environment, which has propelled its economic growth. I believe we will witness long-term growth, despite the challenges faced by every market”, he added.

The growing importance of Mauritius within the API community underscores the country’s economic stability and its pivotal role in driving future developments. As opportunities continue to unfold in Mauritius and across Africa, it is evident that the API conference has acted as a catalyst for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and further investment in the thriving real estate market of this vibrant nation.

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