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“Our code is our legacy. Let’s make it robust and beautiful”

Dr. Riyad Ameerudden, Associate Director at Accenture Mauritius
Dr. Riyad Ameerudden, Associate Director at Accenture Mauritius

At Techverse 2024, Dr. Riyad Ameerudden, Associate Director at Accenture Mauritius, explored the evolving landscape of technology and its profound impact on humanity. With nearly two decades in the technology industry, the Associate Director shared his insights on how technology is becoming more human-centric, and the implications of this transformation.


Dr. Ameerudden began by reflecting on his multifaceted journey in technology. “I have almost 20 years in the technology industry. I consider myself an engineer by nature, an artist by passion, and very curious about intelligent systems. I believe that’s why I am so fascinated by technology and how it is evolving in this world,” he remarked. 


He emphasized the omnipresence of technology in our lives and the need for it to become more human-like. “Nowadays, we can observe that technology is all around us. However, according to business leaders surveyed globally, 95% still believe that making technology more human will massively expand opportunities across industries. I personally like that concept of making technology more human,” he said.


The Intersection of Technology and Humanity

The Associate Director discussed the critical intersection of software-based friendship and human-centric design. “As we gather here today (Editor’s note: last Tuesday), in this diverse edition, we find ourselves at the intersection of two powerful forces: software-based friendship and human-centric design. These are not mere buzzwords; they represent the heartbeat of our digital age,” he explained.


He encouraged the audience to rethink the role of technology in our lives. “Instead of focusing solely on the world around us, we should consider the rules and relationships that people will have in this new world. Essentially, we need to focus on how to stay relevant in an evolving world,” he asserted.


Tech Vision 2024: Human by Design

Introducing Accenture’s Tech Vision 2024, Dr. Ameerudden highlighted the theme “Human by Design.” “Tech Vision is an annual outlook on technology trends, offering a deep dive into how these topics resonate in our business landscape with our people and our clients. This year’s focus is on ‘Human by Design.’ It’s beautiful, right? Human by Design,” he enthused.


He explained that this theme encapsulates the future of technology and its role in enhancing human productivity and creativity. “We have reached an inflection point where technology evolution is unleashing an era of unprecedented human productivity and creativity. With the latest technology trends, we are seeing how AI is unleashing what we call the next level of human potential,” he noted.


The Art of Software Craftsmanship

The Associate Director also delved into the concept of software craftsmanship, which he regards as an art form. “For me, software craftsmanship is more than lines of code. It’s an art form. Just like a master sculptor works on raw stone to reveal a masterpiece, our software craftsmen and craftswomen transform raw code into elegant solutions. They obsess over details, refining algorithms to create software that stands the test of time,” he said.


He emphasized the legacy of quality code. “As a seasoned developer, I have always valued this statement: Our code is our legacy. So let’s make it robust and beautiful,” he encouraged.


Generative AI: The Muse within the Machine

Dr. Ameerudden described Generative AI as a creative force within technology. “I call it the muse within the machine. Generative AI doesn’t just create; it writes, paints, and some say it can even dream. I’ve seen Generative AI describe itself as the digital dimension, sketching Mona Lisa in pixels,” he shared with a smile.


Indeed, he envisioned a future where AI collaborates with humans as a co-creator. “Imagine a world where AI collaborates with us, not as a core algorithm, but as a co-creator. It can generate art, poetry, music, and design solutions. It can be our silent partner in our daily routines,” he suggested.


Responsible Symbiosis of Human and Machine Intelligence

The Associate Director stressed the importance of responsible integration of AI into our lives. “It is key for us to embrace this symbiosis responsibly. We must have human ingenuity collaborate with machine intelligence. As we step into this event, let’s all remember that we are all engineers by nature, and artists by passion,” he remarked.


He further encouraged the audience to see their work as part of a dynamic and evolving digital realm. “Our canvas is the digital realm, our palette is our tools and ideas, and our strokes are the lines of code. Our gallery is the global network. Unlike traditional artists, our work is not static; it evolves, adapts, and learns,” he explained.


Fostering Community and Collaboration

Dr. Ameerudden highlighted the importance of community in the technological landscape. “Let’s make use of this forum to understand the fusion of craftsmanship and AI, to understand the real sense of community. Let’s learn, collaborate, and most importantly, inspire each other,” he concluded.

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