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Mauritius-based Investment Management and Advisory Firm’s Strategic Investment in US-Listed Company

Bilal Adam, CEO of Stewards Investment Capital
Bilal Adam, CEO of Stewards Investment Capital

Stewards Investment Capital Limited, a prominent boutique investment management and advisory firm based in Mauritius, has recently unveiled an exciting strategic partnership with Favo Capital Inc, an emerging US-listed company renowned for its specialized funding solutions targeting small and mid-sized businesses in the United States. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment for both entities, poised to ignite growth and facilitate global expansion, with implications resonating across international financial markets.

The partnership grants Stewards Investment Capital a unique opportunity to extend its reach, providing valued investors access to a diverse array of global alternative investment opportunities within an integrated framework. This development holds particular significance for investors in emerging markets seeking to diversify their portfolios while earning attractive fixed-income yields denominated in USD.

Recognizing the burgeoning growth within the private credit space, especially amid a landscape where major banks face liquidity constraints and stringent capital controls, Stewards Investment Capital seized upon the opportunity to leverage Favo Capital’s trajectory of success.

Glen Steward, Founder and Chairman of Stewards Investment Capital, conveyed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting that “the remarkable growth trajectory of Favo Capital is truly impressive. This strategic partnership arrives at an opportune moment, enabling us to guide our institutional clients towards portfolio diversification through currency-hedged USD income strategies.

The partnership not only underscores Stewards Investment Capital’s commitment to delivering exceptional value and performance, but also serves as a testament to institutional confidence. A recent ground-breaking investment by one of South Africa’s largest pension funds exemplifies the trust institutional investors place in the potential of both Stewards Investment Capital and Favo Capital. Bilal Adam, CEO of Stewards Investment Capital, remarked, “This investment milestone underscores the deepening strategic partnership between our organizations. It reflects the unwavering trust of esteemed institutional investors in our commitment to deliver high-alpha solutions aimed at maximizing value and performance.

Favo Capital’s expansion strategy further bolsters the collaborative venture’s outlook for global growth. Recent strategic acquisitions announced by Favo Capital include Believe Call Center in the Dominican Republic, Lendtech CRM Solutions, and an Independent Sales Organization (ISO), aimed at fortifying Favo Capital’s sales and distribution network across the United States. These acquisitions not only broaden Favo Capital’s global footprint, but also align with the company’s dedication to Fintech innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Bilal Adam concluded, “We are humbled by the remarkable growth witnessed over the past months, including significant investments by esteemed institutional players and strategic acquisitions by Favo Capital. These developments not only expand our global presence but also reinforce our commitment to providing premier financial solutions to our investors.


About Stewards Investment Capital:

Stewards Investment Capital is a boutique investment advisory firm boasting a 20-year legacy within the Stewards affiliation of companies. With a strategic presence in Mauritius, South Africa, and the USA, the firm specializes in crafting tailored investment solutions for high-net-worth individuals, pension funds, and institutional investors. Guided by a commitment to catalyzing growth for its clients, Stewards Investment Capital employs a high-alpha approach to navigate financial landscapes, delivering tangible value and performance. Renowned for its innovative investment strategies, the firm offers market-leading solutions aimed at maximizing and preserving assets for current and future generations.


About Favo Capital, Inc:

Favo Capital, Inc (FAVO: OTC), renowned for its tailored funding solutions targeting small and mid-sized businesses nationwide, stands to gain immensely from this collaborative investment venture. Favo Realty, the company’s real estate investment arm, focuses on a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate properties across the United States. With support from Stewards Investment Capital, Favo Capital is poised to embark on a transformative journey, expanding its reach and impact in the finance industry.

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