About Us

Founded in February 2014 by a team of experienced journalists, BIZweek initially launched a printed weekly under the name of Capital Publications but we also provided a soft copy version to CEOs of private and public companies.

Following increasing demand for the PDF version from decision makers of the business community our team accepted the challenge of the market. We became the pioneer in what is called an ‘E-newspaper’ through our main product – BIZweek.

We are the first digital newspaper in Mauritius sent freely to more than 5 000 subscribers on a weekly basis and our database keeps on growing through daily requests. We also reach subscribers in the Indian Ocean region, as well as Africa and international organizations like the World Trade Organization.

Some of our journalists and collaborators have over 15 years’ of experience in journalism at both national and international level. We combined experience, knowledge, professional skills and address books to innovate in this digital era. We made economy and finance our priority through a different writing and graphic designing approach and we present things differently to you.